Links to Related Sites-- Mouse and Ducks

(Descriptions are not exhaustive,
I only mention what seems to me most interesting or specific)

Of Mouse and Ducks        (Don't forget to bookmark it!...)
    Gladstone Libraries Databases including pictures & summaries
    Database of  Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse dailies
    Who's Who (characters & artists, ...)
    More in the making

The COA Disney Comics Database
    Indexes & great images

Disney Covers Extravaganza
    A great collection of Disney comics covers-- USA and others countries

Disney Comics Cover Gaulerie
    A nice gallerie of covers of French Disney comics

Jakob's Disney Comics Webpage
    Gottfredson:   short biography
    Barks:   Information on characters; Paintings (list & a few pictures)
    Don Rosa:   includes an .avi file (video)

Disney Books
    A bibliography