Perth, Australia to Skagway, Canada (stokes boilers to pay for the passage) Louisville (and Monkey's Eyebrow), Kentucky (May 1880) (U$ 11, U$gtD, U$ 68) Peking Money Bin to Congo (1909) Qwak Qwak Tribe (U$ 33) & Voodoo Tribes (a dark day) (DD FC 238) ("sailed  up the Congo River and into the unexplored heart of the untamed continent") (1909) Egypt ("a thriving salt business") (U$ 25 filler) Aden, Yemen (selling rainhats) (U$ 55) Holland (selling wind to the windmill makers along the Zuyder Zee) (U$ 25) North Pole (April 6, 1909) St Petersburg (buying hat & cane, "sold concertinas to the Czar's cavalry", buying Fabergé Eggs) (1910) (U$ 9, U$ 20) Bazookistan (Candy-Striped Ruby) (U$ 41) Turkey Sahara Desert (selling lawnmowers) (U$ 19) Turkey to Holland Bazookistan to Southampton Southampton (Titanic leaves, April 10, 1912) Spanish Main (hunting for sunken treasure) (U$ 1) Guyana ("fought forty-foot crocs" when a rubber hunter, meeting the Gilded Man) (U$ 57, U$ 39, DD FCC 422) Titanic sinks (April 14/15, 1912) (41° 46' N, 50° 14' W) Baghdad, Iraq (U$ 1) Baghdad to Peking through the Gobi Desert Gobi Desert, Mongolia (brigands) (U$ 1) Pacific islands (pearl trade using trained cormorants) (U$ 1) Rippan Taro (no more Candy-Striped Ruby) (U$ 41) Safe in New York (April 18, 1912); Wall Street, NY ("The Birdman of  Wall Street") (October 1929) (U$ 51) Duckburg, Calisota (settles in 1902) (1930) (WDC&S 135, U$ 21) Nevada (the McViper clan, hiding the Goldopolis & Boom City Railroad shares) (1908) (U$ 56) The Culebra Cut, Panama (November, 1906) Yukon Territory, Canada (Dawson City, Whitehorse, White Agony Creek) (1897) (U$ 1, U$ 2, U$ 49, U$ 59) (climbed over the Chilcoot Pass, then rode a moose along the Yukon River to Dawson; hiked into the wilderness and passed through Mooseneck Glacier to reach White Agony Valley) (May 10, 1897: "Reclusive Sourdough Hits Pay Dirt! Scrooge McDuck Finds Giant Nugget!"-- Klondike Gazette) Butte, Montana (Anaconda Copper Hill) (1884) (U$ 1) The Badlands, Dakota (1882) (U$ 1) Tandjong Priok, (Dutch) Java (July 1883) West Australia Plateau Desert (1896) (U$ 49) Kimberley to Johannesburg, The Transvaal (1887) (U$ 49, U$ 61)) New Orleans, Louisiana Pizen Bluff & Phoenix, Arizona (Jacob, The Dalton Brothers) (1890) (U$ 26 filler) Glasgow, Scotland (1877) & Castle McDuck (Dismal Downs, Scotland) (1877, 1885, 1902) (DD FC 189, U$ 29) Back to Duckburg, "after 27 years on the road" Cape Town to Kimberley in a bullock cart L&T Atlas Help Goes West  by train (1880) (Missouri - Calisota Railroad; earned the money for the ticket working as a fireman on the "Wabash Cannonball", U$ 1; stopped on the way by the James brothers, he meets Murdo McKenzie) Cattle boat to America (New Orleans, Louisiana) (1880) (DD FC 291) Pacific islands (pearl trade using trained cormorants) (U$1) Works his way up the Mississippi River on a packet riverboat (1880) Perth to Kalgoorlie Perth, Australia to Skagway, Canada (stokes boilers to pay for the passage)