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"Pirate Gold"
    Donald and the boys help Yellow Beak find a treasure and beat Pegleg Pete.
DD FC 9,   Aug 1942
"The Mummy's Ring"
    Dewey is kidnapped; Donald and the boys follow the kidnapper to Egypt.
DD FC 29, Sept 1943
"The Hard Loser"
    See "The Tuckered Tiger" (U$)
DD FC 29, Sept 1943
"Too Many Pets"
    The boys get a pet monkey, Jingo, who obeys every command.
DD FC 29, Sept 1943
"Frozen Gold"
    Pete de Fox steals a map, kidnaps Donald and abandons him in Alaska.
DD FC 62, Jan 1945
"Mystery of  the Swamp"
    Donald and the boys explore the Everglades and find the Gneezles.
DD FC 62, Jan 1945
"Terror of  the River"
    A terrible sea serpent scares everyone.
DD FC 108, 1946
"The Firebug"
    Donald builds artistic fires and the city is ablaze.
DD FC 108, 1946
"Seals Are So Smart"
    Donald tries to teach a seal tricks.
DD FC 108, 1946
"Volcano Valley"
    The Ducks are trapped in a Volcanovia until they become national heroes.
DD FC 147, May 1947
"The Riddle of  the Red Hat"
    Mickey gets a jewel and Minnie is kidnapped because she does not have it.
    * One and only *   Mickey story by Barks
MM 79, May 1947
"Maharajah Donald"
    Donald is made Maharajah-- but there's a catch...
MC 4, 1947
"The Peaceful Hills"
    Donad would rather stroll in the hills than watch a Western.
MC 4, 1947
"Donald Duck's Atom Bomb"
    Donald invents an atom bomb that goes "Fut"!
CGY 1, 1947
"Donald Duck Tells about Kites"
    Donald teaches his nephews safe-kiting.
"Ghost of  the Grotto"
    A mysterious ghost kidnaps children, including one of  the nephews.
DD FC 159, Aug 1947
"Adventure Down Under"
    Donald and the boys try to capture a kangaroo and get lost in the outback.
DD FC 159, Aug 1947
"Christmas on Bear Mountain"
    Uncle Scrooge lets the Ducks spend Christmas in his cabin to try their courage.
    * 1st *   Uncle Scrooge
DD FC 178,   Dec 1947
"The Old Castle's Secret"
    The Ducks look for the treasure of  castle McDuck-- and so does a ghost.
DD FC 189,   June 1948
"Sheriff of  Bullet Valley"
    Deputy Duck knows all the angles to catch ruslers.
DD FC 199, Oct 1948
"The Golden Christmas Tree"
    The boys don't want any other color; a witch traps them.
DD FC 203, Dec 1948
"Lost in the Andes"
    The Ducks search and explore the land of square eggs.
DD FC 223, April 1949
"Voodoo Hoodoo"
    Donald is hit by a shrinking spell that was meant for Uncle Scrooge.
DD FC 238, Aug 1949
"Letter to Santa"
    Donald forgot to send it and has to find a steam-shovel for his nephews.
CP 1, 1949
"You Can't Guess"
    Donald will buy the boys a present if  they can guess what he wants most.
CP 2, 1950
"No Noise is Good Noise"
    Donald cannot read because of  his noisy nephews.
CP 1, 1949
"Luck of  the North"
    Donald sends Gladstone on a wild goose chase then sets out to rescue him.
DD FC 256, Dec 1949
"Trail of  the Unicorn"
    The Ducks and Gladstone hunt a unicorn for Uncle Scrooge's zoo.
DD FC 263, Feb 1950
"Land of  the Totem Poles"
    Donald and the boys turn traveling salesmen.
    See "City of  the Golden Roofs" (U$)
DD FC 263, Feb 1950
"Darkest Africa"
    The Duck hunt butterflies but have a fierce competitor.
MC 20, 1948
"Race to the South Seas"
    The Ducks and Gladstone race to save their marooned Uncle Scrooge.
MC 41, Aug 1949
"Ancient Persia"
    A strange scientist brings people back from the dead.
DD FC 275, May 1950
"The Pixilated Parrot"
    The Ducks chase the only person who knows the combination of  Uncle Scrooge's safe.
DD FC 282, July 1950
"The Magic Hourglass"
    Once refilled, it will bring good fortune and wealth unto its possessor.
DD FC 291, Sept 1950
"Big Top Bedlam"
    Donald runs after the brooch Daisy asked him to keep. The trail leads him to a circus.
DD FC 300, Nov 1950
"Dangerous Disguise"
    The Ducks turn spies.
DD FC 308, Jan 1951
"No Such Varmint"
    Snake-charmer and newly-appointed private eye Donald looks for Uncle Scrooge's boats.
DD FC 318, March 1951
"Vacation Time"
    Donald tries to take pictures and a camper sets the forest afire.
    * Second (of  only two) *   full-page splash panel
VP 1, July 1950
"Camp Counselor" VP 1, July 1950
"Jungle Hi-Jinks" SF 2, Aug 1959
"Old California"
    The Ducks travel back to the Gold Rush era.
DD FC 328, May 1951
"Christmas for Shacktown"
    Everyone tries to raise money to organize it.
DD FC 367, Sept 1952
"The Golden Helmet"
    The Ducks race to retrieve this crown of  North America.
DD FC 408, July 1952
"The Gilded Man"
    The Ducks look for a rare stamp and find a rare man.
DD FC 422, Sept 1952
"Trick or Treat"
    Donald only treats his nephews to tricks; a witch helps them.
DD 26, Nov 1952
"Hobblin' Goblins"
Gyro invents a gizmo that foils Goblins.
DD 26, Nov 1952
"Dogcatcher Duck"
Donald is a master dogcatcher.
DD 45, Jan 1956
"Secret of  Hondorica"
    The Ducks and Gladstone look for a missing plane; Gladstone is made prisoner.
DD 46, March 1956
"The Lost Peg Leg Mine" DD 52, March 1957
"Forbidden Valley"
    The Ducks look for razor wasps in Amazonia to save Duckburgian pickles.
DD 54, July 1957
"Christmas in Duckburg" CP 9, Dec 1958
"The Christmas Cha Cha" CP 26, Dec 1959
"Mastering the Matterhorn" VD 1025, Aug 1959
"The Titanic Ants"
A kind professor's gigantic animals spoil the picnic.
DD 60, July 1958
"The Water Ski Race" DD 60, July 1958
"The Master Glasser"
Donald repairs everything made of  glass. his biggest assignment is to be broadcast live.
DD 68, Nov 1959