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Part 0
"Of  Ducks, Dimes and Destinies"

Magica travels back to 1877 to swipe a young lad's first dime.

U$ 297, April '96
Glasgow, Scotland
Magica de Spell; Howard Rockerduck; Matilda; Hortense and Fergus McDuck; Burt the ditchdigger
Part One
"The Last of  the Clan McDuck"

Young Scrooge earns his first dime on his tenth birthday, learns about his roots and decides to leave for America.

U$ 285, April '94
Glasgow &  Dismal Downs , Scotland
Fergus McDuck; the Whiskervilles; Jake , Downey, Hortense and Matilda McDuck; Burt the ditchdigger; Sir Quackly McDuck
May 1880
Part Two
"The Master of  the Mississippi"

Scrooge meets his uncle Pothole McDuck, Ratchet Gearloose-- and the Beagle Boys!

U$ 286, June '94
Louisville  &  Monkey's Eyebrow , Kentucky
Ratchett Gearloose; Pothole McDuck; Porker Hogg; Blackheart Beagle & sons
Part Three
"The Buckaroo of  the Badlands"

Cowboy Scrooge meets Theodore Roosevelt.

U$ 287, Aug '94
The Badlands

An old gentleman carrying square eggs; the James brothers (Jesse & Frank);
Murdo McKenzie; the McViper brothers; Hortense; Fergus, Downey, Matilda and Hortense McDuck;
Theodore Roosevelt

July 1883
Part Three and-a-half
"The Cowboy Captain of  the Cutty Sark"

A little trip to Indonesia to deliver bulls.

U$ 318, Feb '99
Tandjong Priok , Java
Captain Moore; Hortense;
Mangkunagara V, Sultan of Djoka, and his "emitter-of-verbal-speech"; Pakubuwana IX, Sultan of Solo, and his "emitter-of-verbal-speech";
Ratchett Gearloose
Part Four
"Raider of  the Copper Hill"

Scrooge's learns the prospecting trade-- Howard Rockerduck gives a hand.

U$ 288, Oct '94
Butte , Montana Territory
Burdo McKenzie; Marcus Daly;
Mr and Mrs Howard Rockerduck and their son John
Part Five
"The New Laird of  Castle McDuck"

Scrooge uses the $10000 he earned in Butte to pay the taxes and save Castle McDuck, and battle the infamous Whiskervilles.

U$ 289, Dec '94
Dismal Downs , Scotland-- and beyond...
Downey & Matilda McDuck; Fergus & Pothole McDuck; the Whiskervilles (Argus and Sheriff Fenton); Hortense McDuck;
Sir Quackly McDuck, Sir Roast McDuck, Sir Eider McDuck, "Matey" McDuck; Captain Seafoam McDuck
Part Six
"The Terror of  the Transvaal"

There is gold in South Africa! But it is also fraught with wild beasts-- though they're really nothing compared to one particularly nasty Afrikaner.

U$ 290, Feb '95
Kimberley  &  Johannesburg , South Africa
Flintheart Glomgold

Part Six and-a-half
"The Vigilante of  Pizen Bluff"

Back in America, Scrooge, Pothole and an all-star posse go after the Daltons.

U$ 306, Oct '97
Pizen Bluff  &  Phoenix , Arizona
Hortense; Jacob;
Buffalo Bill Cody; Pothole "Master of the Mississippi" McDuck; Gokhlayeh; Phineas T. Barnum; the Dalton Brothers (Emmett, Bob, Gratton); Annie Oakley
Part Seven
"Dreamtime Duck of  the Never-Never"

Scrooge looks for treasure in Australia; he finds a friend and inspiration.

U$ 291, April '95
West Australia Plateau
Fergus & Jake McDuck;
Jabiru Kapirigi; a thief
Part Eight
"King of  the Klondike"

The Klondike is where the action is now! Prospectors rush to stake claims. And one Scottish sourdough finally strikes it rich!

U$ 292, June '95
Skagway , Alaska ;
Dawson City & White Agony Creek , Yukon Territory (Canada)
Wyatt Earp;
Soapy Slick; Glittering Goldie O'Gilt
Part Nine
"The Billionaire of  Dismal Downs"

Scrooge comes back home, only to find it can't be his home anymore.

U$ 293, Aug '95
MacDuich village & Dismal Downs , Scotland
Soapy Slick; Fergus, Matilda and Hortense McDuck;
Scottie McTerrier;
Downey McDuck; Sir Quackly McDuck
Part Ten
"The Invader of  Fort Duckburg"

Duckburg, Calisota! Plus a reunion with an old friend and with old enemies.

U$ 294, Oct '95
Duckburg , Calisota
Matilda & Hortense McDuck;
Pa Duck; Ma & Daphne Duck; Eider Duck; Quackmore Duck;
the Duckburg Chapter Troop of the Midget Goph-- er-- Junior Woodchucks;
President Theodore Roosevelt; Blackheart Beagle & sons; the Rough Riders, the Navy, the Marines
November 1906
Part Ten and-a-half 
"The Sharpie of  the Culebra Cut"

Scrooge & Roosevelt team up again in a treasure quest.

Picsou Magazine 349, Feb 2001
Hortense & Matilda McDuck;
President Theodore Roosevelt; General Esteban;
the President's Men in Black; Chief Parita
Part Eleven
"The Empire-Builder from Calisota"

Scrooge's only evil deed!

U$ 295, Dec '95
Duckburg , Calisota ;
Congo, Africa ;
All-around-the-world, Earth ; Duckburg, Calisota
Hortense & Matilda McDuck; the McViper brothers (the next generation, Copperhead & bros); Miss Emily Quackfaster; Quackmore Duck;
Chief Boo-Boo of the Qwak Qwak tribe;
Foola Zoola, leader of the voodoo tribe; thugs;
Bombie the Zombie; Robert Peary; Czar Nicholas II; John Jacob Astor; El Dorado; the King of Rippan Taro; Della & Donald Duck
December 1947
Part Twelve
"The Richest Duck in the World"

This is only the beginning...

U$ 296, Feb '96
Duckburg, Calisota
Grandma Duck & Gus Goose and Gladstone Gander in a news bulletin;
Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck;
the Beagle Boys