Keno Don Rosa's First Two Years of  U$A

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Part One
"Son of  the Sun"

The Ducks hunt for the gold of  the Incas.

Lake Titicoocoo, Peruvian Andes
"Cash Flow"

The Beagles use a "neutrafriction" and an "antinertia" ray to  rob Scrooge.

Duckburg, Calisota
Part Two
"Last Sled to Dawson"

Back to the Klondike in a race for a most precious sled.

Whitehorse , Dawson City and Mooseneck Glacier , 
Yukon Territory (Canada)
"Nobody's Business"

Scrooge once again puts Donald and Gladstone's managerial skills to the test.

Duckburg, Calisota
"Paper Chase"
Duckburg, Calisota
Part Three
"Return to Plain Awful"

Donald and the boys go back to the blocky place in the Andes along with two mournful roosters and two very rich ducks

Plain Awful, Peruvian Andes
"Fortune on the Rocks"

The Ducks go rock climbing to assess the value of  Scrooge's new property.

Snee-Kah Peak
Part Four
"His Majesty, McDuck"

Scrooge treally is King of  the hill!

Killmotor Hill / McDuckland
(Duckburg, Calisota)
"The Curse of  Nostrildamus"

The ups and downs of  a fortune-telling medallion.

Le Chateau de Nostrildame (McDuck Vineyards), France
"Fiscal Fitness"
Duckburg, Calisota