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Tuesday, March 27, 2001
Carl Barks 100th Anniversary Special

For weeks now a curious phenomenon has been happening in Duckburg as everyone was getting ready to commemorate the Duck Man's 100th Anniversary.

Over Duckburg, actually.

During the day, it did not show.

But at night, a strange thing was happening: the stars were moving!
At first it was but a slight move, invisible to the untrained eye.
But as it went on, it became obvious: the stars were moving...

Everyone was waiting in anticipation, wondering what possible phenomenon might be at work in the heavens.

Five ducks knew well what sort of things you could find out there.
They had been everywhere: all over the world, and beneath, and over, and even way up there.

They had seen strange things, met different kinds of people out there.
Little Indians in the sky and giant girls on a far-away planet.
A strange-looking little man who simply wished for a handful of soil.
They even had visited Valhalla!

But this they could not explain.

There appeared to be a coherence in the movement.
Yes: the stars were forming a pattern!
What it was was yet unclear and remained so for several weeks.

But in the past few days, they moved more rapidly.
And it became clear.

They all waited eagerly for the pattern to take shape.

And tonight, when the clock marked 0:00 and Anniversary Day had come,
it was clear and they all cheered at the heavens.




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