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Wednesday, December 5, 2001
Walt Disney 100th Anniversary Special
This whole site is a tribute to the artists who give us the comics we enjoy and to the man who made it all possible. Walt Disney's 100th Anniversary will be celebrated through several special features. Here is the first one...

        -   portrait of Walt Disney (used as a cover to "Et tout a commencé par une souris..."-- "And it all started with a mouse..."--, a two-page comic celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse) (reprinted in Happy Birthday Mickey!-- 50 Ans d'Histoire du Journal de Mickey, p 215) (try displaying it on your computer, with a black background) (384 kb picture)

        -   4 posters for animated shorts starring the studio's stars: "Steamboat Willie" (1928), "Mickey's Good Deed" (1932), "The Hockey Champ" (1939), "Sea Scouts" (1939) (Donald posters scanned from Bruce Hershenson's Cartoon Movie Posters) (68-98 kb each)

        -   cover of Mickey Mouse Magazine, vol 1 number 9 (June 1936), reprinted as a calendar (hence the white rectangle, where the leaves were stuck) (583 kb)




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