Choose WDC&S in the Contents frame, then Covers (bottom left frame), and WDC&S 20 (or through "Ducks Galore!" from the main frame); clicking on WDC&S 135 will display its summary in the bottom (blue) frame; the link "Killmotor Hill" will take you to a short article on the famous hill; in this paragraph, "Money Bin" leads to a similar article, from which you can go to "proto-bin" stories. Choose "Uncle Scrooge"; the frame now displays the article about the richest duck (or man) in the world; "DD FC 178" calls up the corresponding page in the main (green) frame, while "Christmas on Bear Mountain" displays the very first image of  Uncle Scrooge in the lower left frame. Another link in this article leads you to that on Carl Barks; from there (second paragraph), you can open the "Barks' Creations Timeline" page, which in turn allows you to go to articles, first-appearance-images and summaries.                    (Close the Example)