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"Trapped Lightning"
    Gyro invents a box that stores lightning, providing users with free energy.
U$  13,   March 1956
"Inventor of  Anything"
    Gyro must invent a new fuel for his friend, but his neighbor keeps pestering him with his fence.
U$  14,   June 1956
"The Cat Box"
    Gyro invents a machine that translates what cats say.
    *  1st Helper  *
U$  15,   Sept 1956
"Grandma's Christmas Present"
    Gyro rests at Grandma's farm-- but keeps inventing to make farm work easier.
CP  8,   Dec 1956
"Forecasting Follies"
    This machine will answer everything question you ask it regarding the future.
U$  16,   Dec 1956
"Fishing Mystery"
    Gyro's fishing successes excite the curiosity of  his fellow fishermen as to the bait he uses.
U$  17,   March 1957
"The Sure-Fire Gold Finder"
    Gyro tries this most powerful gold finder in the desert.
U$  18,   June 1957
    Only an inventor can come up with the solution to every form of  picnic trouble.
PP  8,   July 1957
"Gyro Builds a Better House"
    A customer wants a house that is hard but soft.
U$  19,   Sept 1957
"August Accident"
    Gyro makes a steam rocket to be in the papers.
MMA  1,   Dec 1957
"Roscoe the Robot"
    This new mechanical assistant will obey every thought.
U$  20,   Dec 1957
"Getting Thor"
    Gyro tries to get rid of  crow; Helper has the solution.
U$  21,   March 1958
"The Know-it-all Machine"
    Crazy as it sounds, this machine knows everything.
U$  22,   June 1958
"Gyro Goes for a Dip"
    Gyro builds a swimming pool but cannot swim.
U$  23,   Sept 1958
"The House on Cyclone Hill"
    Gyro would like to try his cyclone alarm.
U$  24,   Dec 1958
"The Wishing Well"
    Beware what you wish for!
U$  25,   March 1959
"Krankenstein Gyro"
    Inspired by a film, Gryo tries to make a living creature out of  chemicals.
U$  26,   June 1959
"The Dream Planet"
    Gus visits his dream planet, where no one ever works-- but Gyro is here!
VD  1025,   Aug 1959
"The Firefly Tracker"
    This device will track more than fireflies.
U$  27,   Sept 1959
"The Pied Piper of  Duckburg"
    Gyro invents a cheese mice can't resist.
    *  Script by Barks, art by Don Rosa  *
U$A  21,   May 1990
"The Gab Muffer"
    Donald asks Gyro to invent something that will turn  our noise.
GG  1047,   Nov 1959
"The Stubborn Stork"
    Gyro's brand-new flying bike is what Uncle Scrooge needs to inspect his building's roof.
GG  1047,   Nov 1959
"Milktime Melodies"
    The Grandma's animals love Gyro's music box, but Helper jams it accidentally.
GG  1047,   Nov 1959
"The Lost Rabbit's Foot"
    Gladstone asks Gyro to dive for his lucky charm.
GG  1047,   Nov 1959
"The Bird Camera"
     Gyro wants to take a picture of  a shy curly-tailed woodpecker.
GG  1047,   Nov 1959
"The Odd Order"
    Gyro goes to the restaurant.
GG  1047,   Nov 1959
"The Inventors Contest"
    The best mouse trap wins; but some constestants cheat.
U$  28,   Dec 1959
"Oodles of  Oomph"
    Gyro and Helper enter a boat race, each in his own boat.
U$  29,   March 1960
"The Call of  the Wild"
    Gyro invents a super moose call.
GG  1095,   April 1960
"Cave of  the Winds"
    Uncle Scrooge finds a new hiding spot for his money.
GG  1095,   April 1960
"Mixed-Up Mixer"
    Gyro builds a wall to save Grandma's farm form the flood.
GG  1095,   April 1960
"The Madball Pitcher"
    Gyro is so good at baseball both teams ask his help to win.
GG  1095,   April 1960
"The Bear Tamer"
    Gladsone needs Gyro's help to tame bears and be named "king of  luck".
GG  1095,   April 1960
"Tales of  the Tape"
    Gyro records himself  to check whether he snores.
GG  1095,   April 1960
"His Shining Hour"
    Gyro tries his new home shoe-shiner.
GG  1095,   April 1960
    A director asks Gyro to invent a special make-up for his western.
U$  30,   June 1960
"Fishy Warden"
    Gyro disguises to catch fish thieves.
U$  31,   Sept 1960
"That Small Feeling"
    A witch doctor needs Gyro's help to improve his voodoo doll.
U$  32,   Dec 1960
"You Can't Win"
    People ask Gyro to improve trees.
U$  33,   March  1961
"The Nose Knows"
    Gyro launches a spy rocket.
GG  1184,   May 1961
    Gyro turns Duckburg into the first all-automatic city.
GG  1184,   May 1961
"The Cube"
     Gyro tries to find a use for his cube.
GG  1184,   May 1961
"Mighty but Miserable"
    Superhuman strength is not all§
GG  1184,   May 1961
    Donald and Gyro are stranded on a desert island; Donald keeps on goofing around.
GG  1184,   May 1961
"The Old Timer"
    Gyro stops in Donald's garage-- but his car doesn't need anything.
GG  1184,   May 1961
"Mechanized Mess"
    Gyro has automatized his trash can.
GG  1184,   May 1961
"Wily Rival"
    A mysterious inventor and his mysterious inventor excite Gyro's curiosity in the waiting room.
U$  34,   June 1961
"Fast Away Castaway"
    Gyro goes on a "desert island" to tesst a machine that will make him autonomous.
U$  35,   Sept 1961
"Duckburg's Day of  Peril"
    A giant robot built for a movie goes berserk§
U$  36,   Dec 1961
"Buffaloed by Buffaloes"
     Gyro teaches the people of  Farbakishan "how to live a fuller life"!
GG  1267,   Dec 1961
"The Great Pop Up"
    Gyro fixes his toaster.
U$  37,   March 1962
"Madcap Inventors"
    Gyro and his neighbor invent machines that make trees grow anything.
U$  38,   June 1962
"Finny Fun"
    Gyro invents a wand that enables him to order fish around.
U$  39,   Sept 1962
"Posthasty Postman"
    Gyro turns postman and invents gizmos to make the job easier.
    *  Square panels  *, a new and one-time-only page setup ordered by Western Publishing.
U$  40,   Jan 1963
"Snow Duster"
    There won't be a football match unless Gyro gets rid of  the snow.
U$  41,   March 1963
"A Helper's Helping Hand"
    Gyro is contracted to paint the mighty Narrows Bridge.
U$  46,   Dec 1963
"Man Versus Machine"
    Gyro rejects modern life and machine and leaves for the desert.
U$  47,   Feb 1964
"Jonah Gyro"
    Gyro's super bait lures in the biggest fish.
U$  48,   March 1964
"Donald Duck's Best Christmas"
    Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie go to Grandma's farm for Christmas; but the road is long.
FCG  45,   Dec 1945
"Santa's Stormy Visit"
    Donald and his nephews live in a beacon. Will Santa be able to come on this stormy night?
FCG  46,   Dec 1946
"Three Good Little Ducks"
    The boys try to make up for their mischiefs.
FCG  47,   Dec 1947
    Santa Claus asks Donald and his nephews to test his toys.
FCG  48,   Dec 1948
"New Toys"
    The boys want new toys even though the ones they have are as good as new.
FCG  49,   Dec 1949