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Monday, January 13, 2003

Mickey Mouse Strips


Renowned scientists Dr Einmug and Gyro Gearloose have found that the calendar of 2003 is exactly the same as that of 1930!
Through a complex process, they have been able to reproduce the very first Mickey Mouse strips that appeared 73 years ago, starting on January 13, 1930!
It also happens that this year marks Mickey's 75th Anniversary!

The Daily War-Drum (On-Line Version) is proud to be a partner in this wonderful time-loop experience and invites you to share in it.

Starting today and for a little while, you will be able to read, every day, the Mickey Mouse daily strip that appeared on the exact same day (ie, date & weekday) in 1930!
A link will enable you to view the previous day's strip in case you missed it.
As the Sunday strips were independent and Gyro & Einmug were only able to reproduce the dailies, every Sunday you will be able to access the weeks' strips.

The site will be updated daily and the strips pulled out on a regular basis: they will only be hosted here for a very short time. The idea, naturally, is to (re)discover and enjoy these strips every day, just as if we were in 1930.

Below the strip, you will find a link to a page of Notes. The updates will probably be few and far between, but when available, they will provide some information on the strips.
You can visit the notes today and read about the site's purpose, an introduction (a short historical background) and the notes to the first strip.

I hope you enjoy the strips (but this, I guess, is a given), and this daily time-loop experience.
Have an nice time!

Mickey Mouse Daily Strips

Notes-- Prologue, Introduction (Historical Background), Notes to the first strip


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