Ub Iwerks' "Fiddlesticks"--
"A Flip the Frog Color & Sound Cartoon"


This is Ub Iwerks' first cartoon,
introducing his own character, Flip the Frog.
The music was by Carl Stalling
and was fully integrated to the story.
Flip's design evolved and he eventually looked more
like a somewhat frog-faced boy than a frog.
Enter Flip the frog,
hopping from one water lily to another.
You can see on this image 2 buttons:
Flip is not a regular frog,
he is a talking,
antropomorphic kind of a frog--
a cartoon frog.
Flip now dances his way across the pond
on the water lilies
and you can  see his bow tie.
He lands on a turtle
and starts tap-dancing on him.
Annoyed by the rude frog,
the turtle ejects him off his back.
Flip has to swim the rest of the way to the shore.
He shakes the water off
and goes on his way,
resuming his dancing.