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A word on the Illustrations
    Most of  the images listed below have required little work: "The Daily War-Drum", for instance, only required rotating the comic strip & scanning the picture; "Donald Selling Newspapers" needed a simple erasing of  the background. A few of  them, however, are compositions of  my own that required a lot more work.
    The site's logo, as it first appears, is carried by Donald & Mickey; for this this picture, I had to complete a little bit of  Mickey's left foot, and a lot more of  Donald's.
    "The Treasure Chest" has been emptied of  its contents, and Uncle Scrooge has been added.
    The "Don Rosa Papers" image required that several objects be completed: all the frames, the money bag, the dollar bill, the wad of  dolar bills, the top of  the globe's "stand", a few coins, the table, and the scrapbooks (the third one was erased; the top one, which it covered slightly, had to be completed; and the bottom one had to be almost entirely drawn).
    In every case, the completion job was done with the utmost respect for the art, down to the tiniest details. In such cases as Donald in the first example, I carefully studied how Gottfredson drew it. In other cases, I ususally complete the image using elements from the image itself. The DRP is a case in point: for instance, with the exception of  a very very few pixels (the top border line), every pixel of  the scrapbooks' is by Don Rosa; bits and pieces from the top two scrapbooks were used to do the bottom one and fill the top one's covers; even the shadows on the top one's cover are made of  pixels from the scrapbooks.
    This table of  illustrations will help you find the original images.

"Of  Mouse and Ducks"  Logo
    A Don Rosa variation on Barks' "Sailing the Spanish Main" that includes Mickey instead of  Huey, Dewey and Louie.

"Of  Mouse and Ducks"  Main Page-- Mickey & Donald carrying the "logo"
    Mickey and Donald are taken from one of  my favorite stories (in terms of  story, atmosphere and art), "The Seven Ghosts" (Aug 25, 1936, panel 3). On this panel Mickey (in the "foreground", on the left) is carrying a desk with Goofy (off  panel) while Donald (in the "background", on the right) is coming in. I completed the characters.

"Donald selling newspapers"
    Donald's croaking gets on people's nerves and gets him a job as a pilot in

"The Daily War-Drum-- Not-So-Daily On-Line Version"-- News & Updates
    Mickey bought and became the "Editor-In-Grief" of  this newspaper in

"Of  Mouse and Ducks" Main Frame Page-- "Site Under Construction"
    Mickey is building a house for "Bobo the Elephant" (Aug 8, 1934, panel 1), while two of  Donald's nephews are trying their new tools (back cover DD FC 256, panel 4).

"Ducks Galore!"-- Logo
    Uncle Scrooge and Donald are under the magic sway of  Magica's enchanted perfume in this panel (3, p 3) of  U$ 40 ("Oddball Odyssey").

"Ducks Galore!"-- "A wealth of information!"
    Thanks to hypnotism, Uncle Scrooge travels "Back to Long Ago" and recalls this scene where Bos'n Pintail and Matey McDuck are digging to hide a treasure (U$ 16, p 4 panel 1)

"The Mickey Mouse Page"-- Logo
    Mickey Mouse

"The Mickey Mouse Page"-- "Always busy!"
    This image is taken from "The Plumber's Helper" (Aug 22, 1938, panel 1).

"The Treasure Chest"-- Icon
    Sir Quackly kept his treasure in this old Roman jewel case (The Old Castle's Secret, DD FC189, p 26 panel 6)

"The Treasure Chest"-- Logo
    In 1932, Mickey and Minnie sailed to find the buried treasure of Captain Churchmouse; it was eventually dug out on October 21 (panel 3, color by OB). Uncle Scrooge is leaping out of joy because he won't be fined for the overdue scrolls of the Lost Library (U$A 27, July 1994, last page panel 3)-- but surely also of the treasure they've found: Barks' painting "Halloween in Duckburg", and a couple of comic books, viz (from left to right) Mickey Mouse 229 (Aug '87, cover by Daan Jippes for "The Bat Bandit of Inferno Gulch"), DDA 28 (Oct '94; painted cover, one of the variations on the "Sheriff of Bullet Valley"), WDC&S 1 (Oct '40), and Mickey Mouse Magazine 9 (vol 1, June 1936).

"The Don Rosa Papers"-- Main Page
    This is the opening splash panel of  "The Life and Times of  $crooge McDuck" Part 11. A few pictures have been deleted and some replaced. "His Majesty, McDuck" has thus been imported from p 25 panel 8, as were Lance Pertwillaby (Episode 138, "Vortex", Chapter V, p 5/50/156 panel 8-- the last page number refers to the PP book) and Captain Kentucky (Episode 12, p 20, panel 1). The self-portrait is from "Don Rosa e il Rinascimento Disneyano" (Alberto Becattini, Leonardo Gori, Francesco Stajano; Editrice Comic Art, Italy, February 1997; p 8).

"The Life and Times of  $crooge McDuck"-- Map
    The background map is based on one of  the CIA maps (I'll check which one, I can't remember ) you can find in the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection on the web site of  the University of  Texas at Austin ( ). I erased the borders & names and colored it.

"Disney Characters" & "Who's Who"-- Logo
    A Don Rosa cover.

"Of  Mouse and Ducks"-- Horizontal Banner
    Mickey is coming home at the end of  "The Seven Ghosts" (Nov 26, 1936, panel 3) while Donald is plugging in his hoover (WDC&S 38, "Good Neighbors", p 5 panel 3) and Uncle Scrooge is going through his closet "to turn old trash into new treasure" ("The Incredible Shrinking Tightwad", WDC&S 612 / D94202, p 2 panel 3).