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Only A Poor Old Man U$ FC 386 (# 1), March '52
Back to the Klondike U$ FC 456 (# 2)
Somethin' Fishy Here U$ FC 456 (# 2)
The Horse-Radish Story US FC 495 (# 3)
The Round Money Bin US FC 495 (# 3)
The Menehune Mystery
The Secret of  Atlantis
Tralla La
Outfoxed Fox
The Seven Cities of  Cibola
Pigeonholed Millions
The Mysterious Stone Ray
A Campaign of  Note
The Lemming with the Locket
The Tuckered Tiger
The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone
Heirloom Watch
The Great Steamboat Race
Riches, Riches, Everywhere!
The Golden Fleecing
Land Beneath the Ground
The Lost Crown of  Genghis Khan
Faulty Fortune
The Second-Richest Duck
Migrating Millions
Back to Long Ago!
The 'Colossalest Surprise' Quiz Show
A Cold Bargain
Land of  the Pigmy Indians
The Mines of  King Solomon
City of  Golden Roofs
September Scrimmage
The Money Well
The Golden River
The Strange Shipwrecks
The Fabulous Tycoon
The Twenty-Four Carat Moon
The Magic Ink
The Flying Dutchman
Pyramid Scheme
The Prize of  Pizarro
Pizen Bluff
The Money Champ
His Handy Andy
The "Paul Bunyan" Machine
The Witching Stick
Island in the Sky
Hound of  the Whiskervilles
Pipeline to Danger
Yoicks! The Fox!
All At Sea
Two-Way Luck
That's No Fable!
Clothes Make the Duck
Billions in the Hole
Bongo on the Congo
Mythtic Mystery
Chugwagon Derby
The Fantastic River Race
The Forbidium Money Bin
Fun? What's That?
The Golden Nugget Boat
Gift Lion
The Midas Touch
Money Bag Goat
Cave of  Ali Baba
Deep Down Doings
Poor Loser
The Unsafe Safe
Much Luck McDuck
The Sleepies
A Spicy Tale
Tricky Experiment
Oddball Odyssey
The Status Seeker
The Case of  the Sticky Money
For Old Dime's Sake
Crown of  the Mayas
The Invisible Intruder
Isle of  the Golden Geese
The Travel Tightwad
Lost Beneath the Sea
The Lemonade Fling
The Thrifty Spendthrift
The Many Faces of  Magica de Spell
The Loony Lunar Gold Rush
Rug Riders in the Sky
How Green Was My Lettuce
The Great Wig Mystery
Interplanetary Postman
The Billion Dollar Safari
McDuck of  Arabia
Mystery of  the Ghost Town Railroad
The Swamp of  No Return
The Giant Robot Robbers
North of  the Yukon
The Phantom of  Notre Duck
So Far and No Safari
The Queen of  the Wild Dog Pack
House of  Haunts
Treasure of  Marco Polo
Micro-Ducks from Outer Space
The Heedless Horseman
Hall of  the Mermaid Queen
The Cattle King
The Doom Diamond
King Scrooge the First  (Art by Tony Strobl)
The Black Pearls of  Tabu Yama
Trail Tycoon
Horsing Around with History