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"The Victory Garden" 
    Donald would like to plant flowers, but crows keep eating his seeds.
    *  1st  *    Barks ten-pager
WDC&S  31,   April 1943
"The Rabbit's Foot" 
    Donald does not believe in the magic power of  his nephews' rabbit's foot.
WDC&S  32,   May 1943
"Lifeguard Daze" 
    Sharks menace swimmers, but Donald is here!
WDC&S  33,   June 1943
"Good Deeds" 
    Donald decides to good deeds-- only, they backfire.
    See "The Good Deeds" (WDC&S 229, Oct 1959)
WDC&S  34,   July 1943
"The Limber W Guest Ranch" 
    The Ducks get lost in the desert.
WDC&S  35,   Aug 1943
"The Mighty Trapper" 
    The Ducks set out to catch wolves.
WDC&S  36,   Sept 1943
"Good Neighbors" 
    No sooner have Donald & Mr Jones made peace than they fight over a football.
    *  1st  *    Neighbor Jones story
WDC&S  38,   Nov 1943
"Salesman Donald" 
    Donald helps the boys peddle egg-beaters. But a die-hard hermit is hard to convince.
WDC&S  39,   Dec 1943
"Snow Fun" 
    Donald teaches the boys ski-jumping.
WDC&S  40,   Jan 1944
"The Duck in the Iron Pants" 
    The Ducks battle in the snow.
WDC&S  41,   Feb 1944
"Kite Weather" 
    It's girls against boys in a kite contest.
WDC&S  42,   March 1944
"Three Dirty Little Ducks" 
    Huey, Dewey and Louie will never have a bath again.
    See "Three Un-Ducks" (WDC&S 184, Jan 1956)
WDC&S  43,   April 1944
"The Mad Chemist" 
    A conk on the noggin turns Donald into a chemist, and he invents an explosive.
    See "Weemite" (WDC&S 220, Jan 1959)
WDC&S  44,   May 1944
"Rival Boatmen" 
    Donald and the boys start taxi-boat businesses of  their own; competition is fierce.
    See "The Ice Taxis" (WDC&S 186, March 1956)
WDC&S  45,   June 1944
"Camera Crazy" 
    Donald and his Nephews compete for best news picture.
WDC&S  46,   July 1944
"Farragut the Falcon" 
    Donald tries to tame the falcon one of  his uncles offered him.
WDC&S  47,   Aug 1944
"The Purloined Putty" 
    Donald and Neighbor Jones fight over a can of putty.
WDC&S  48,   Sept 1944
"High Wire Daredevils" 
    The Ducks master the art of  wire-walking.
WDC&S  49,   Oct 1944
"Ten Cents Worth of  Trouble" 
    Donald runs after a valuable dime-- and into trouble.
WDC&S  50,   Nov 1944
"Donald's Bay Lot" 
    Donald wants a cabin by the sea but is swindled.
WDC&S  51,   Dec 1944
"Thievery Afoot" 
    Mysterious little thieves steal diverse items.
WDC&S  52,   Jan 1945
"The Tramp Steamer" 
    Donald buys a boat and hauls cargo from port to port.
WDC&S  53,   Feb 1945
"The Long Race to Pumpkinburg" 
    Donald and the nephews race each other on ice.
    See "In the Swim" (WDC&S 190, July 1956)
WDC&S  54,   March 1945
"Donald Learns the Ropes" 
    Donald tries to master the main cowboy's skills.
WDC&S  55,   April 1945
"The Icebox Robber" 
    Who plunders the Ducks' icebox at night?
WDC&S  56,   May 1945
"Pecking Order" 
    The Ducks try to take pictures of  a rare iron-billed woodpecker.
WDC&S  57,   June 1945
"Taming the Rapids" 
    Donald rescues his nephews into more trouble.
    See "No Rest for the Rescued" (WDC&S 228, Sept 1959)
WDC&S  58,   July 1945
"Days at the Lazy K" 
    Donald tries to tame a mean young colt the gentle way.
    See "The Littlest Chicken Thief" (WDC&S 219, Dec 1958)
WDC&S  59,   Aug 1945
"Eyes in the Dark" 
    Huey, Dewey and Louie can't escape their uncle's spying machine!
WDC&S  60,   Sept 1945
"Thug Busters" 
    Huey, Dewey and Louie turn detectives and track a bank-robber.
WDC&S  61,   Oct 1945
"The Great Ski Race" 
    Donald enters a water-ski competition.
WDC&S  62,   Nov 1945
"Ten-Dollar Dither" 
    The Ducks try to give a ten-dollar bill to its rightful owner.
WDC&S  63,   Dec 1945
"Donald Tames His Temper" 
    Donald tries to abide by his New Year's resolution.
WDC&S  64,   Jan 1946
"Joe From Singapore"
    Huey, Dewey and Louie bring a pet back from a stroll on the docks.
WDC&S  65,   Feb 1946
"The Master Ice-Fisher" 
   Donald pulls out all the stops to catch a tricky fish.
WDC&S  66,   March 1946
"Jet Rescue" 
    The boys buy toy jet engines.
WDC&S  67,   April 1946
"Donald's Monster Kite" 
    Donald is an expert at kite building.
WDC&S  68,   May 1946
"Biceps Blues" 
    Daisy wishes Donald were as strong as the boyfriend of  a friend of  hers.
WDC&S  69,   June 1946
"The Smugsnorkle Squatty" 
    Donald wants a classy dog for a pet.
WDC&S  70,   July 1946
"Swimming Swindlers" 
    Huey, Dewey and Louie are talked into cheating to beat their uncle in a swimming contest.
WDC&S  71,   Aug 1946
"Playing Hookey" 
    Donald teaches his truant nephews a lesson when they look for food.
WDC&S  72,   Sept 1946
"The Gold-Finder" 
    One of  the boys invents a gold-finder that spoils Donald's day.
WDC&S  73,   Oct 1946
"Donald Duck and the Boys" 
    The Ducks turn bill collectors.
WDC&S  74,   Nov 1946
"Turkey Trouble" 
    The Ducks win turkeys but won't eat them.
WDC&S  75,   Dec 1946
"The Cantankerous Cat" 
    A screeching cat won't let the Ducks sleep.
WDC&S  76,   Jan 1947
"Going Buggy" 
    Giant insects bug Donald.
    See "Froggy Farmer" (WDC&S 236, May 1960)
WDC&S  77,   Feb 1947
"Jam Robbers" 
    Donald hides a stack of  stocks and a pot of  a jam in a safe.
WDC&S  78,   March 1947
"Picnic Tricks" 
    When Donald won't let them come to a picnic, his nephews retaliate.
WDC&S  79,   April 1947
"Donald's Posy Patch" 
    Donald wants to grow a nice garden, but the boys want it for a baseball field.
WDC&S  80,   May 1947
"Donald Mines His Own Business" 
   Donald finds a phony treasure map his nephews drew.
    See "Want to Buy an Island?" (WDC&S 235, April 1960)
WDC&S  81,   June 1947
"Magical Misery" 
    Donald learns magic-- and so do Dewey, Huey and Louie.
WDC&S  82,   July 1947
"Vacation Time" 
    Donald cannot sleep because of  salesmen.
WDC&S  83,   Aug 1947
"The Waltz King" 
    No one but Donald will waltz with Daisy!
WDC&S  84,   Sept 1947
"Atonal Terror" 
    Donald decides the boys should learn music-- but they definitely cannot.
WDC&S  85,   Oct 1947
"Fireman Donald" 
    Donald misses every fire!
WDC&S  86,   Nov 1947
"The Terrible Turkey" 
    The Ducks go hunting for turkeys in the woods.
WDC&S  87,   Dec 1947
"Wintertime Wager" 
    Donald bragged in the summer that he would swim in the lake in the winter.
    *  1st  *    Gladstone Gander story
WDC&S  88,   Jan 1948
"Watching the Watchman" 
    Donald finds an easy job: he simply has to keep awake-- and his nephews will see to it.
    See "The Wax Museum" (WDC&S 231, Dec 1959)
WDC&S  89,   Feb 1948
    The Ducks deliver telegrams, hoping to earn big tips.
WDC&S  90,   March 1948
"Going Ape" 
    Donald hypnotizes the boys to force them into monkey suits for his social gathering.
WDC&S  91,   April 1948
"Spoil the Rod" 
    Donald applies the latest educational theories.
WDC&S  92,   May 1948
"Rocket Race to the Moon" 
    During a rocket race, Donald and his nephews end up stranded on the moon.
    See "Around the Wolrld in Eighty Minutes" (WDC&S 212, May 1958)
WDC&S  93,   June 1948
"Donald of  the Coast Patrol"
    Spys and thieves roam the beaches, but Donald is watching-- and being watched.
    See "Borderline Hero" (WDC&S 197, Feb 1957)
WDC&S  94,   July 1948
"Gladstone Returns" 
    Donald and Gladstone try to find five dollars for Daisy's club; the boys have the money.
WDC&S  95,   Aug 1948
"Links Hijinks" 
    Tricked by his nephews, Donald believes he is a super golfer and challenges Gladstone.
WDC&S  96,   Sept 1948
"Pearls of  Wisdom" 
    Donald dives for pearls for Daisy.
WDC&S  97,   Oct 1948
"Foxy Relations" 
    Uncle Scrooge asks Donald to win a fox hunt for the family's honor.
    *  1st  *    Uncle Scrooge ten-pager
WDC&S  98,   Nov 1948
"The Crazy Quiz Show" 
    Donald knows everything!
WDC&S  99,   Dec 1948
"Truant Officer Donald" 
    Playing hookey is much harder with this new truant officer.
WDC&S  100,   Jan 1949
"Donald Duck's Worst Nightmare" 
    No treatment can cure Donald from his nightmares. But reality can be even worse...
WDC&S  101,   Feb 1949
"Pizen Spring Dude Ranch" 
    Donald keeps buying horses, but a clever rustler keeps stealing them!
WDC&S  102,   March 1949
"Rival Beachcombers" 
    Donald, the boys and  Gladstone look for a lost gem.
WDC&S  103,   April 1949
"The Sunken Yacht" 
    Uncle Scrooge can really drive a hard bargain when it comes to salvaging his boat.
WDC&S  104,   May 1949
"Managing the Echo System" 
    The echo gets tricky when it is performed by Donald's nephews.
    See "Mocking Bird Ridge" (WDC&S 215, Aug 1958)
WDC&S  105,   June 1949
"Plenty of  Pets" 
    Donald cannot bear his nephews's furry and feathery friends.
WDC&S  106,   July 1949
"Super Snooper"
    Donald accidentally becomes a superduck!
    See "Stranger than Fiction" (WDC&S 249, June 1961)
WDC&S  107,   Aug 1949
"The Great Duckburg Frog Jumping Contest"
    The Ducks hunt frogs and find a champion.
WDC&S  108,   Sept 1949
"Dowsing Ducks"
    Donald does not believe in his nephews' witching stick.
WDC&S  109,   Oct 1949
"The Goldilocks Gambit"
    Donald and the nephews play "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".
WDC&S  110,   Nov 1949
"Donald's Love Letters"
    Donald tries to retrieve from Gladstone his love letters to Daisy.
WDC&S  111,   Dec 1949
"Rip Van Donald"
    When Donald decides to spend the winter in a sunny place, his nephews play a trick on him.
WDC&S  112,   Jan 1950
"Mission to Codfish Cove"
    Master skier Donald is sent on a vital mission to Codfish Cove.
WDC&S  114,   March 1950
"Wild about Flowers"
    Donald & Gladstone look for daisies for Daisy.
    See "The Beachcombers' Picnic" (WDC&S 224, May 1959)
WDC&S  117,   June 1950
"Billions to Sneeze At"
    Uncle Scrooge develops an allergy to money. Donald is in charge of  his fortune.
WDC&S  124,   Jan 1951
"Operation St Bernard"
    Huey, Dewey and Louie train Bornworthy to win merit badges.
    *  1st  *    Junior Woodchucks story
WDC&S  125,   FebFeb 1951
"A Financial Fable"
    A freak tornado carries away Uncle Scrooge's money and showers people with it!
WDC&S  126,   March 1951
"April Foolers"
    Huey, Dewey and Louie try to play jokes on their uncle.
WDC&S  127,   April 1951
"Knightly Rivals"
    Donald & Gladstone fight over the main part in Daisy's club's play.
    See "Dramatic Donald" (WDC&S 217, Oct 1958)
WDC&S  128,   May 1951
"Pool Sharks"
    Donald builds a pool-- but he's the only one who can't enjoy a swim.
WDC&S  129,   June 1951
"The Trouble With Dimes"
    Donald makes a fortune selling Uncle Scrooge's rare coins.
WDC&S  130,   July 1951
"Gladstone's Luck"
    While he is playing golf  with Donald, Gladstone suddenly turns unlucky.
WDC&S  131,   Aug 1951
"Ten Star Generals"
    Donald tries to help his nephews win merit badges.
WDC&S  132,   Sept 1951
"Welcome Guests"
    Jaq & Gus-Gus turn the tables over on a thief.
    *  Jaq & Gus-Gus story  *
WDC&S  132,   Sept 1951
"The Truant Nephews"
    Huey, Dewey and Louie decide to play hookey, but keep ending back at school.
WDC&S  133,   Oct 1951
"Terror of  the Beagle Boys"
    Uncle Scrooge asks Donald's help to set a booby trap.
    *  1st  *    Beagle Boys story
WDC&S  134,   Nov 1951
"The Big Bin on Killmotor Hill"
    Uncle Scrooge shows off  his new Money Bin to his nephews.
    *  Definitive Money Bin design  *
WDC&S  135,   Dec 1951
"Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year"
    Donald & Gladstone compete over turkey raffles.
WDC&S  136,   Jan 1952
"The Screaming Cowboy"
    Donald's song is a hit.
WDC&S  137,   Feb 1952
"Statuesque Spendthrifts"
    Uncle Scrooge and the Maharajah of  Howduyustan try to top each other.
WDC&S  138,   March 1952
"Rocket Wing Saves the Day"
    The nephews train a homing pigeon, but Donald thwarts their efforts.
WDC&S  139,   April 1952
"Gladstone's Terrible Secret" 
    Donald and his nephews spy on Gladstone to find the secret of  his luck.
    *  1st  *    Gyro Gearloose
WDC&S  140,   May 1952
"The Think Box Bollix" 
    Gyro invents a ray-machine that will teach any animal that crosses the beam to talk.
WDC&S  141,   June 1952
"Houseboat Holiday" 
    Donald has finally found the solution to keep his nephews out of  mischief-- or has he?
WDC&S  142,   July 1952
"Gemstone Hunters" 
    Donald and the boys turn gem hunters but are gypped. Donald then tricks Gladstone.
     See "Turkey Trouble" (WDC&S 243, Dec 1960)
WDC&S  143,   Aug 1952
"Spending Money" 
    Uncle Scrooge can barely close his vault: he has too much money!
WDC&S  144,   Sept 1952
"The Hypno Gun"
    Donald tries to make money hypnotizing Uncle Scrooge and deadbeats but gets hypnotized.
WDC&S  145,   Oct 1952
    The Ducks once tried raising chickens in what used to be a pleasant place.
WDC&S  146,   Nov 1952
"A Charitable Chore"
    The Ducks volunteer to host a poor soul; it turns out to be cousin Gladstone.
WDC&S  147,   Dec 195
"Turkey With All the Schemings"
    Donald disguises himself  to trick Uncle Scrooge into offering him a Thanksgiving dinner.
WDC&S  148,  Jan 1953
"Flip Decision"
    Donald discovers the wondrous art of  flipping coins to make decisions.
WDC&S  149,   Feb 1953
"My Lucky Valentine"
    The mail must go through-- even if  it is Gladstone's and the postman is Donald.
WDC&S  150,   March 1953
"The Easter Election"
    Donald and Gladstone try to win the favor of  children to head the Easter Parade.
WDC&S  151,   April 1953
"The Talking Dog"
    Donald tries to enter a TV show; he simply has to appear in the newspaper.
WDC&S  152,   May 1953
"Worm Weary"
    Let Gyro's trained worms do the fishing for you!
WDC&S  153,   June 1953
"Much Ado About Quackly Hall"
    No one will have the boys' playground!
WDC&S  154,   July 1953
"Some Heir Over the Rainbow"
    Uncle Scrooge gives pots of  gold to find out who deserves his fortune most.
WDC&S  155,   Aug 1953
"The Master Rainmaker"
    Donald can control the weather, but not his temper.
WDC&S  156,   Sept 1953
"The Money Stairs"
    It's a race between Uncle Scrooge and Donald up Demon's Tooth.
WDC&S  157,   Oct 1953
"Bee Bumbles"
    Donald tries to get rid of  a hive of  bees.
WDC&S  158,   Nov 1953
"Wipsy Willie"
    To buy Donald's house, Uncle Scrooge will even hire monsters and ghosts.
WDC&S  159,   Dec 1953
"Donald Duck and the Hammy Camel"
    Donald's nephews offer him a camel.
WDC&S  160,   Jan 1954
"Fix-up Mix-up"
    Donald will fix anything-- well, almost... fix.
    See "The Village Blacksmith" (WDC&S 239, Aug 1960)
WDC&S  161,   Feb 1954
"Turkey Trot at One Whistle"
     Donald and the boys take care of  turkeys and thieves in their train station.
WDC&S  162,   March 1954
"Raffle Reversal"
     Gladstone loses a raffle and Donald finds pearls!
WDC&S  163,   April 1954
"Flour Follies"
    Donald peddles Uncle Scrooge's flour but doesn't know how to use it.
WDC&S  164,   May 1954
"The Price of  Fame"
    The boys wish their uncle were a famous musician.
WDC&S  165,   June 1954
"Midgets Madness"
    Donald would like to enter the rac but is a catastrophe.
WDC&S  166,   July 1954
"Salmon Derby"
    Donald and Gladstone enter a fishing competition to win a sumptuous car.
WDC&S  167,   Aug 1954
"Cheltenham's Choice"
    Donald doesn't want the boys to have pets in the trailer, expecially key-stealing chipmunks.
WDC&S  168,   Sept 1954
"Travelling Truants"
    Donald plays tricks on his truant nephews and all of  them get lost.
WDC&S  169,   Oct 1954
"Donald Duck Rants About Ants"
    Donald is pestered by his nephews' pet ants.
WDC&S  170,   Nov 1954
"The Too-Safe Safe"
    Gyro invents a super-wax coating to protect Uncle Scrooge's fortune.
WDC&S  171,   Dec 1954
"Search for the Cuspidoria"
    On Christmas Eve, the Ducks comb the ocean to find a sunken boat.
WDC&S  172,   Jan 1955
"New Year's Revolutions"
    Donald is a terrible skier, but he won't get angry.
WDC&S  173,   Feb 1955
"Worst Class Mail"
    Donald carries the mail to Beaver island on his ski-boat.
WDC&S  174,   March 1955
"The Daffy Taffy Pull"
    Donald runs after a ring-stuffed taffy candy.
WDC&S  175,   April 1955
"The Ghost Sheriff  of  Last Gasp"
    Donald and his nephews visit a haunted ghost town.
WDC&S  176,   May 1955
"A Descent Interval"
    Donald explores the wondrous depths of  the ocean in a batyscaph.
WDC&S  177,   June 1955
"Donald's Raucous Role"
    Donald moves to a quiet house and declares a noisy war on his neighbors.
WDC&S  178,   July 1955
"Bad Canoes and Good Canoes"
    Donald and Gladstone enter a canoe competition.
WDC&S  179,   Aug 1955
"Trouble Indemnity"
    Uncle Scrooge will do anything to earn money, even take great risks.
WDC&S  180,   Sept 1955
"The Chickadee Challenge"
    The Junior Woodchucks and the Chickadees compete in a bridge-building contest.
WDC&S  181,   Oct 1955
"The Unorthodox Ox"
    Donald takes Ferdinand to the fair.
WDC&S  182,   Nov 1955
"The Custard Gun"
    Gyro's new invention is no good for hunting.
WDC&S  183,   Dec 1955
"Three Un-Ducks"
    Huey, Dewey and Louie swear never to have a bath again.
    See "Three Dirty Little Ducks" (WDC&S 43, April 1944)
WDC&S  184,   Jan 1956
"Secret Resolutions"
    The Ducks put their resolutions in a sealed envelope so they can't cheat each other.
WDC&S  185,   Feb 1956
"The Ice Taxis"
    Donald and his nephews taxi people over the frozen lake.
    See "Rival Boatmen" (WDC&S 45, June 1944)
WDC&S  186,   March 1956
"Searching for a Successor"
     On a windy day, Uncle Scrooge offers his nephews  jobs to find out who shall inherit.
WDC&S 187,   April 1956
"The Olympic Hopeful"
    Donald would like to represent Duckburg at the next Olympics.
WDC&S  188,   May 1956
"Gopher Goof-Ups"
    Wily gophers have invaded Donald's garden.
WDC&S  189,   June 1956
"In the Swim"
    The boys would rather swim than learn he piano. Donald challenges them.
    See "The Long Race to Pumpkinburg" (WDC&S 54, March 1945)
WDC&S  190,   July 1956
"Camping Confusion"
    Donald can locate "H, D and L" in the woods thanks to a scintillator.
WDC&S  191,   Aug 1956
"The Master"
    Donald can master any work, even at a salmon fishery.
WDC&S  192,   Sept 1956
"A Whale of  a Story"
    Donald decides to hunt for whales.
WDC&S  193,   Oct 1956
"Smoke Writer in the Sky"
    Uncle Scrooge hires master smoke-writer Donald for his electoral campaign.
WDC&S  194,   Nov 1956
"The Runaway Train"
    Two trains are going to crash into each other but no one can help.
WDC&S  195,   Dec 1956
"Statues of  Limitation"
    Donald and the nephews enter a snow statue competition to help poor children.
WDC&S  196,   Jan 1957
"Borderline Hero"
    No smuggler can bluff  officer Donald.
    See "Donald of  the Coast Patrol" (WDC&S 94, July 1948)
WDC&S  197,   Feb 1957
"Knight in Shining Armor"
    Everyone pokes fun at Donald's dream.
WDC&S  198,   March 1957
"Donald's Big Imagination"
    Gyro invents a machine that enables the Ducks to explore planets.
WDC&S  199,   April 1957
"Donald's Pet Service"
    Leave it to Donald to take care of  your pet!
WDC&S  200,   May 1957
"The Dye is Cast"
    A die-hard dye accidentally colors Duckburg's water.
WDC&S  201,   June 1957
"Kakimaw Country"
    Donald reads about an Indian weather hole; Uncle Scrooge happens to need rain.
WDC&S  202,   July 1957
"Special Delivery"
    Donald helps he boys deliver a package; but a lion watches the house.
WDC&S  203,   Aug 1957
"Losing Face"
    The Ducks were once assigned the delicate task of  cleaning a stone face.
WDC&S  204,   Sept 1957
"Red Apple Sap"
    Donald tries to grow apples for the fair.
WDC&S  205,   Oct 1957
"Sagmore Springs Hotel"
    Uncle Scrooge offers Donald a business and visits him in disguise.
WDC&S  206,   Nov 1957
"The Tenderfoot Trap"
    Donald, Uncle Scrooge and Gladstone enter a prospector competition.
WDC&S  207,   Dec 1957
"The Code of  Duckburg"
    The boys use it to keep a moose.
WDC&S  208,   Jan 1958
"The Persistent Postman"
    Donald trades his donkey for a "helicopter" to carry the mail.
WDC&S  209,   Feb 1958
"The Half-Baked Baker"
    Donald learns the ropes of  bakery.
WDC&S  210,   March 1958
"Wishing Stone Island"
    The Ducks head for the island of  the wishing stones-- and wish they hadn't.
WDC&S  211,   April 1958
"Around the World in Eighty Minutes"
    Donald is hired in a rocket race around the world; Gladstone is his opponent.
    See "Rocket Race to the Moon" (WDC&S 93, June 1948)
WDC&S  212,   May 1958
"Dodging Miss Daisy"
    It's Spring house cleaning time! The boys and General Snozzie track down Donald.
WDC&S  213,   June 1958
"Fearsome Flowers"
    Donald becomes mad about flowers. The boys trade them for carnivorous plants.
WDC&S  214,   July 1958
"Mocking Bird Ridge"
    Uncle Scrooge looks for specific echoes. Donald and Gladstone have plenty.
    See "Managing the Echo System" (WDC&S 105, June 1949)
WDC&S  215,   Aug 1958
"Old Froggie Catapult"
    The Ducks' frog can't jump when it is too cold, but eventually becomes a hero.
WDC&S  216,   Sept 1958
"Dramatic Donald"
    Donald believes he can be a great actor.So does Gladstone.An apple solves the problem.
    See "Knightly Rivals" (WDC&S 128, May 1951)
WDC&S  217,   Oct 1958
"Noble Porpoises"
    The Ducks try to catch porpoises.
WDC&S  218,   Nov 1958
"The Littlest Chicken Thief"
    The Ducks try to tame a coyote that sals Grandma's chickens.
    See "Days at the Lazy K" (WDC&S 59, Aug 1945) 
WDC&S  219,   Dec 1958
    Donald invents a super explosive and offers it to the military.
    See "The Mad Chemist" (WDC&S 44, May 1944)
WDC&S  220,   Jan 1959
"Tracking Sandy"
    Uncle Scrooge ask his nephews to follow Dread Valley Sandy to his mine.
WDC&S  221,   Feb 1959
"The Master Mover"
    Objects and people are easy to move, but a pruneaholic mynah is not.
WDC&S  222,   March 1959
"First Day of  Spring"
    Donald forgets his fishing license and plays kite; a game warden chases him.
WDC&S  223,   April 1959
"The Beachcombers' Picnic"
    Donald and Gladstone look for shells to have lunch with Daisy.
    See "Wild About Flowers" (WDC&S 117, June 1950)
WDC&S  224,   May 1959
"Donald Duck, Volunteer Fireman"
    Donald hasn't much time left for Daisy nor any opportunity of  showing off  his courage.
WDC&S  225,   June 1959
"The Floating Island"
    Uncle Scrooge buys an island that drifts and shrinks.
WDC&S  226,   July 1959
"A Tracking Frenzy"
    The Junior Woodchucks and Donald play hide-and-seek in the forest.
WDC&S  227,   Aug 1959
"No Rest for the Rescued"
    Donald's attempt to help the boys puts them into more trouble.
    See "Taming the Rapids" (WDC&S 58, July 1945)
WDC&S  228,   Sept 1959
"The Good Deeds"
    See "Good Deeds" (WDC&S 34, July 1943)
WDC&S  229,   Oct 1959
"Black Wednesday"
    The Ducks visit the Chillyboot Indians to repair a mistake of  Uncle Scrooge's.
WDC&S  230,   Nov 1959
"The Wax Museum"
    The boys try to keep watchman Donald awake by hiding a statue.
    See "Watching the Watchman" (WDC&S 89, Feb 1948)
WDC&S  231,   Dec 1959
"Under the Polar Ice"
    Stoaway Donald won't peel any more potatoes; the Ducks get lost.
WDC&S  232,   Jan 1960
"Knights of  the Flying Sleds"
    The Ducks accomplish more or less valorous deeds.
WDC&S  233,   Feb 1960
"Riding the Pony Express"
    The Ducks play Pony Express with some tourists. Donald has real mail to carry.
WDC&S  234,   March 1960
"Want to Buy an Island?"
    Donald buys a phony deed his nephews made up and sets out for his island.
    See "Donald Mines His Own Business" (WDC&S 81, June 1947)
WDC&S  235,   April 1960
"Froggy Farmer"
    The boys play tricks on frog farmer Donald, who retaliates.
    See "Going Buggy" (WDC&S 77, Feb 1947)
WDC&S  236,   May 1960
"Mystery of  the Loch"
    The boys win a camera; Donald uses to take pictures of  the monster of  Loch Less.
WDC&S  237,   June 1960
"The Dog-Sitter"
    Donald looks for the dog he was supposed to look after.
WDC&S  238,   July 1960
"The Village Blacksmith"
    Donald is no good at repairing things or melting cannons.
    See "Fix-up Mix-up" (WDC&S 161, Feb 1954)
WDC&S  239,   Aug 1960
"The Fraidy Falcon"
    Donald wants to make a falcon who's too chicken too fly his partner in a parachute contest
WDC&S  240,   Sept 1960
"Rocks to Riches"
Donald's machine polishes Uncle Scrooge's diamonds and the boys find a message on a turtle.
WDC&S  241,   Oct 1960
Donald's look-alike balloon flies high thanks to Gyro's super gas.
WDC&S  242,   Nov 1960
"Turkey Trouble"
    The Ducks hunt for turkeys and are gypped. Donald tricks Gladstone the same way.
    See "Gemstone Hunters" (WDC&S 143, Aug 1952)
WDC&S  243,   Dec 1960
"Missle Fizzle"
    A spy sabotages rockets-- but janitor Donald is here!
WDC&S  244,   Jan 1961
"Sitting High"
    Donald sits on a flagpole to become famous.
WDC&S  245,   Feb 1961
"Lost Frontier"
    The Ducks explore the Grand Canyon to prove a TV show wrong: there can't be cavemen!
WDC&S  246,   March 1961
"The Madcap Mariner"
    The Ducks and Gyro sail to win the Fishermen's gold cup for Uncle Scrooge.
WDC&S  247,   April 1961
"Terrible Tourist"
    Donald tries to serenade a senorita into giving him a rose.
    See "Silent Night" (rejected ten-pager intended for WDC&S 64, submitted in Aug 45)
WDC&S  248,   May 1961
"Stranger than Fiction"
    Gyro invents a teleporting machine. Donald uses it to play a joke on his nephews.
    See "Super Snooper" (WDC&S 107, Aug 1949)
WDC&S  249,   June 1961
    Donald takes HDL's money for Daisy's club's picnic. The boys try to stop them.
WDC&S  250,   July 1961
"Duck Luck"
    A fortune cookie predicts an unlucky day for Donald, though he finds a horseshoe
WDC&S  251,   Aug 1961
"Mr Private Eye"
    The Beagle Boys are planning to rob a opal. The mayor asks super-PI Donald to protect it.
WDC&S  252,   Sept 1961
"Hound Hounder"
    Master dog catcher Donald tries to catch the JW's Official Hound in the midst of  a contest.
WDC&S  253,   Oct 1961
"Jet Witch"
    On Halloween night, Donald borrows Gyro's flying broomstick.
WDC&S  254,   Nov 1961
"Boat Buster"
    Donald pilots Uncle Scrooge's speedboat in race against Rockerduck's.
WDC&S  255,   Dec 1961
"Northeaster on Cape Quack"
    Crooks try to destroy the lighthouse to buy the land. But the Ducks are standing guard!
WDC&S  256,   Jan 1962
"Movie Mad"
    Donald chases the boys with his camera when they have to wear dresses.
WDC&S  257,   Feb 1962
"Ten-Cent Valentine"
    The Ducks make a fake dime to thwart Magica's attempt.
WDC&S  258,   March 1962
"Jungle Bungle"
    Master archer Donald is hired to capture a pink-eyed Rhinoceros using special arrows.
WDC&S  259,   April 1962
"Merry Ferry"
    Donald and motorboats compete for taking passengers and cargo to Mudhen Island.
WDC&S  260,   May 1962
"Medaling Around"
    Donald can't take photos because of  the JW Official hound; he sends him on a lion's trail.
WDC&S  261,   June 1962
"Way Out Yonder"
    Donald and the boys enter a mini-bike race.
WDC&S  262,   July 1962
"The Candy Kid"
    Hiring tests rate Donald as a genius but customers find him to be a catastrophe.
WDC&S  263,   Aug 1962
"Master Wrecker"
    Donald can destroy anything.
WDC&S  264,   Sept 1962
"Raven Mad"
    Magica hypnotizes a friendly raven into stealing Scrooge's dime, which is on display.
WDC&S  265,   Oct 1962
"Stalwart Ranger"
    To be hired as a Park Ranger, Donald must prove his worth counting sheep.
WDC&S  266,   Nov 1962
"Log Jockey"
    Cousin Whitewater hires the Ducks to race against his rival.
WDC&S  267,   Dec 1962
"Christmas Cheers"
    Duckburgians wish for presents: a science set, a truck, a repaved street-- and a gold mine.
WDC&S  268,   Jan 1963
"A Matter of  Factory"
    Uncle Scrooge makes donlad a motel manager so he can proudly take him to his club.
WDC&S  269,   Feb 1963
"The Jinxed Jalopy Race"
    The winner gets to kiss Daisy. Warning: littering is prohibited!
WDC&S  270,   March 1963
"A Stone's Throw From Ghost Town"
    Donald is scammed by a real estate man.
WDC&S  271,   April 1963
"Spare that Hair"
    Donald makes barbering an art!
WDC&S  272,   May 1963
"A Duck's-Eye View of  Europe"
    Donald falls behind and tries to catch up with his fast-moving blitz-tourism group.
WDC&S  273,   June 1963
"Gall of  the Wild"
    The Ducks hunt for food in a National Park-- and that's prohibited!
WDC&S  274,   July 1963
"Zero Hero"
    Donald turns sea merchant to prove a thinking machine he can be a business tycoon.
WDC&S  275,   Aug 1963
"Beach Boy"
    Donald and the Official Hound compete as lifeguards.
WDC&S  276,   Sept 1963
"The Duckburg Pet Parade"
    Duckburgians try to outdo one another marching unusual pets in the streets.
WDC&S  277,   Oct 1963
"Have Gun, Will Dance"
    Spies are after a toy gun offered by a cereals brand shoots a ray that makes people dance.
WDC&S  278,   Nov 1963
"Once Upon a Carnival"
    Master pitchers HDL are swindled by Donald at the carnival.
WDC&S  279,   Dec 1963
"Double Masquerade"
    Donald & Uncle Scrooge disguise in one another to avoid surfers and Chickadees.
WDC&S  280,   Jan 1964
"Feud and Far Between"
    Donald's mysterious new neighbor is as fierce as Mr Jones.
WDC&S  281,   Feb 1964
"Bubbleweight Champ"
     The Junior Woodchucks' would-be fighting champ Donald drinks too much soda.
WDC&S  282,   March 1964
"Cap'n Blight's Mystery Ship"
    The Ducks are shanghaied onto a ship loaded with arms.
WDC&S  283,   April 1964
"The Olympian Torchbearer"
    Donald proudly carries the Olympic torch.
WDC&S  286,   July 1964
"Hero of  the Dike"
    A hole in the dike threatens Duckburg!
WDC&S  288,   Sept 1964
"Unfriendly Enemies"
    Another episode of  the endless war opposing Donald & Mr Jones.
WDC&S  289,   Oct 1964
"Delivery Dilemma"
    Uncle Scrooge must deliver rabbit eggs -- or forfeit his fortune to the Beagle Boys!
WDC&S  291,   Dec 1964
"Instant Hercules"
    Diver Donald battles a sea serpent thanks to an ancient elixir!
WDC&S  292,   Jan 1965
"Duck Out of  Luck"
    Gladstone secretely enters a fishing & skating contest-- the jury would not buy his painting.
WDC&S  294,   March 1965
"Monkey Business"
    Uncle Scrooge's mechanical monkeys turn out to be universal scarecrows.
WDC&S  297,   June 1965
"Million-Dollar Shower"
    U$ one-pager.
WDC&S  297,   June 1965
"The Beauty Business"
    Daisy's nieces help beautician Donald change Daisy's looks.
WDC&S  308,   May 1966
"The Not-So-Ancient Mariner"
    The Ducks, Daisy and Gladstone win a cruise.
WDC&S  312,   Sept 1966
"Silent Night"
    The Ducks go caroling in front of Mr Jones' house, of  all places!
    See "Terrible Tourist" (WDC&S 248, May 1961)
r  WDC&S  1,   Aug 1945
"The Milkman"
    A crook ruins Donald's delivery beat.
r  WDC&S  2,   Sept 1957