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About the Site

Welcome to M & D !

    On this site you will find information about the classic Disney Mouse & Duck comics by Floyd Gottfredson (and his host of  writers) and Carl Barks, as well as references to later artists, especially Keno Don Rosa.

    There are several (linked) databases, the aim of  which is to provide rapid access to information (When was the story published? In which album can I find it? When was this character created? ...):

*    illustrated lists of  the Gladstone Duck albums & books
*    illustrated contents of  each Duck album
*    a list of  the Mouse daily strips– a couple of  images available, more later
*    a short summary of  each story (Duck– Mouse in the making), with links to similar plots
*    a thematic index of  the Duck stories (in the making)
*    an alphabetical index and a chronological index of  all of  Carl Barks' stories,complete with page count, publication information (comic book & date), Library reference, and similar plot cross-reference
*    an illustrated table of  the main characters, including their names in 4 foreign languages
*    a "Who's Who", with short articles on characters, artists, objects and places
*    an illustrated timeline of  Barks' creations
*    an illustrated chronological index of "The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" chapters
*    illustrated contents of the four Gladstone "Don Rosa's First Two Years of U$A" albums
*    an e-mail exchange between Don Rosa and I on the subject of Time Travel,
illlustrated with panels from "The Once and Future Duck" and "The Pertwillaby Papers"
*    a map of young Scrooge's travels around the world based on Don Rosa's L&T
*    a treasure chest containing various items (wallpapers, icons, ...)

    You will also find (in the treasure chest) a few tributes made for Anniversaries (only such as 50, 100, ...):

*    Carl Barks 100th Anniversary Special Feature
*    Ub Iwerks 100th Anniversary Special Feature
*    Keno Don Rosa 50th Anniversary Special Feature
*    Walt Disney 100th Anniversary Special Feature


    The "Covers" pages may take some time to download, given the number of  images (up to 58-- they are thumbnails, though). The "Contents" pages are faster since there are only 2 albums (ie, 12 thumbnails) per page at most.
    While tables & main pages are displayed in the big (green) frame, texts are displayed in the lower (blue) frame; the gray frame is for shortcuts (when you choose "DDA" in the contents, for instance) and small images.     As for the "Who's Who" section, I recommend clicking on "Barks" then browsing through the "Articles" (blue) page.

    This example will show you how the site works, and especially the way the pages are linked together.

    The site is designed on and fits a 14" screen set to 1024*768, so it will work great on anything at least as large.

    I try and update the site as often as possible but cannot guarantee a regular frequency. The Mickey Mouse images, in particular, require much more work than the Ducks (literally setting things straight when scanning, as the strips rarely run parallel to the sheets' borders, then cleaning them up). Also, many updates are "transparent", ie they are not updates of  the contents but of  the site's structure (re-organization of  the directories, new or enhanced pictures, new links, programming, tests & corrections,...). And several features are often a long time in the making and the same time. It's not a matter of lack of content or ideas, but of time. Thank you for your patience.

 You can check progress in The Daily War-Drum (the Not-So-Daily On-Line Version of  the newspaper Mickey ran for some time in 1935), which lists and links to Updates and New Features. A table at the top of  the page keeps track of  the progress in the stories database (available covers, images and summaries). A similar table is available for Icons at the top of  the Icons page.

Thank you very much for visiting this site !
(And telling your friends about it...)
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